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Hundreds of talented Omanis have already engaged with AMAN Cybersecurity Capture-the-Flag (CTF) platform.  Many of which are now Cybersecurity specialists in reputed companies around the nation.  Our goal is to spread Cybersecurity awareness and educate the public on the importance of online security.

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AMAN built the largest Omani hacking community and still fast growing.

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We give you the opportunity to practice what you love, in a legal way.
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Digital Forensics

Network Security

Web Security

Reverse Engineering

Binary Exploitation

Learn how to break encryption

Cryptography is the science of encryption. It is the way we protect our privacy and secure our information on transit. However, many applications and communications over the web are using encryption schemes which are improperly implemented. Your goal is to find the flaws and therefore crack the code.

Most common cryptography topics are XOR encryption, Caesar cipher, Substitution cipher, Vigenere cipher, Hashing, Block cipher, Stream cipher, RSA, etc…

Finding information hidden in files or images

Forensics challenges are built to examine and discover hidden information in a file or image. You need to learn how to recover the digital trail left behind on a computer.

It can include analysis of stenography, file formats, memory dumps, network packet captures, disk images, and EXIF data.

Finding network weaknesses

Network security protects networks and data from breaches, intrusions and other threats. However, networks become at risk if these network security measures are not configured properly.

Hack Vulnerable Websites

Majority of websites on the web are vulnerable. They are not patched, poorly coded, weakly encrypted, and publicly available to everyone. AMAN CTF gives participants the chance to exploit the bugs to discover hidden flags that are otherwise locked in a safe place within the website.

Major topics include: SQL injection, Command execution, Directory traversal, XSS, CSRF, and SSRF

Reverse Coding Weel

Using reverse engineering tools to find out and understand the logic behind the program or script. Then you will be able to crack the logic, manipulate the execution to capture the flag!

Topics to learn: Assembly language, C programming, Disassemblers (e.g. IDA, Binary Ninja, GNU Debugger, Hopper), Decompliers, etc…

Finding a vulnerability in the program

Binary exploitation usually comes in Linux ELF files or sometimes in Windows executables. The player needs to work out with the executables to gain control of a shell or modifying the program’s functions in order to reveal the flag.

Topics to learn: Registers, The Stack, Calling Conventions, GOT, Buffers, ROP, Binary Security, The Heap, and Format String Vulnerability.

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