Our Events

AMAN, in partnership with its sponsors and supporters, organizes and hosts a multitude of capture-the-flag events face-to-face and online.  Training and hands-on workshops are also carried out to ensure readiness of players before they get on-board.

Why Capture-the-Flag events ?

A Capture-the-flag event is a special cybersecurity competition aim at challenging players to solve computer and internet security related problems.

These events aim at assessing players’ Cybersecurity skills, reinforcing learned knowledge, inspiring future learning, encouraging team work, and spotting talents.  It can be played individually or in teams, and points are accumulated based on the number of challenges solved.

Building Cybersecurity Capacities

Our main aim is to build cybersecurity workforce who are capable in protecting themselves and their country

Motivate by Rewards

Our strategy is to support youth and encourage them to built interests in Cybersecurity.   We share knowledge and motivate participation by rewarding players with attractive prizes

Training & Workshops

Workshops & Trainings in Cybersecurity

We build Cybersecurity interests by delivering workshops and training sessions to the public.  We then allow participants to engage in a CTF competition, as we strongly believe that these competitions are the best way to drive motivation and skills.  Our goal is to teach the fundamentals so that when faced with challenges, in competition or the real world, participants understand the problem, know the resources they have available, and are able to solve it themselves.

The Key CTF Take-Aways

CTF events provide a space for talents to expand their Cybersecurity knowledge in a fun and self-driven learning way.  At these events, participants usually practice, learn, and share with each other new skills and knowledge. They form a great venue to learn team work, sharpen people’s problem-solving skills, and spot talent.

Featured CTF Events

HUSN Competition 2021

Organized by IS Department CEPS SQU and UK Oman Digital Hub, and sponsored by BAE Systems.  Winners were offered a 1 year subscription to access Immersive Labs Cybersecurity Platform

Summer Camp 2019

Summer Camp 2019

Organized by Information Systems Department at Sultan Qaboos University (SQU), and generously sponsored by Oman Broadband & UK Oman Digital Hub.  Winners were offered a trip to the UK to attend an advanced Cybersecurity training hosted at Protection Group International’s (PGI) Cyber Academy in Bristol

National CTF Competition 2019

TrendMicro CTF 2019

Organized & hosted by Information Systems Department (Sultan Qaboos University) and CyberTalents, and sponsored by Insight Information Security and Oman Airport Management Company (OAMC).   Winners offered a fully-covered trip to Egypt to compete with other regional teams.   CyberTalents CTF Platform was used in this event

Cybersecurity Workshop 2019

Sponsored by Insight Information Security.  A Cybersecurity workshop was delivered to public to prepare them for the National Cybersecurity CTF Competition 2019

ISG Refresh 2019

Refresh 2019 is an annual competition organized by ISG group.  This is the third version and it combines challenges from different aspects of Information Systems

Summer Camp 2018

Summer Camp 2018

Organized by IS Department, CEPS SQU, and sponsored by Oman Broadband Company.  Winners were offered security training courses in Scotland, UK

TrendMicro CTF 2017

TrendMicro CTF 2017

Organized & hosted by ITA, IS Department at CEPS SQU, and using CyberTalents CTF Platform.   Winners offered trip to Egypt to compete with other regional teams