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Hands-on Practical

Cybersecurity Training

We believe that learning-by-doing is essential to prepare the cybersecurity workforce of tomorrow.  Thus, we engage learners into theoretical aspects of cybersecurity supported by practical hands-on scenario-based tasks to ensure best comprehension of the topics.

The training covers all levels, from school students all the way up to top executives, who mainly need awareness sessions rather than deep technical exploration of cybersecurity.

Preparing & Managing

Cybersecurity CTF Events

We create and manage cybersecurity capture-the-flag (CTF) events.  We do all required arrangements from A to Z.  We run the show using AMAN CTF platform and inject scenario-based challenges that are enough to keep the players super busy for the time they engage with the competition.

Let it be an exam for cybersecurity students, an assessment for recruiting cybersecurity specialists, a cybersecurity conference activity, or a public cybersecurity awareness program, AMAN CTF platform fits in all.

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