AMAN CTF Platform

Welcoming page

Showing overall statistics of top scorers as well as recently updated challenges in the platform

Competitions Page

A page showing a list of future, current, and archived competitions and events

Event Details

The event page shows details of the event selected.  It lists live feeds from the event, top scores, timing, etc…


The scoreboard shows live updates from the competition and represents historical updates on a graphical charts


The gallery page records photos from the events, keeping history of moments experienced during the competitions.

Challenge Page

The challenge page provides instructions on how to attempt the challenge, providing hints where enabled

Manage the whole setup of events, users, and challenges

Powerful Admin Dashboard

AMAN CTF Platform is backed-up with a powerful Administrative dashboard, allowing administrators to manage all data flows in and out from the back-end.  New events, either private or public, can be created with all required options to allow customization even on small details.

An event can be publicly available, or private to a closed group of people who can be enrolled manually or by invitation.  Challenges can be added to each event as needed.

Each event can go live on timely manner with a start and end time, or it can be setup to start and stay open endlessly.